Please make sure that you read the different seat options carefully before reserving your seat.

Please include your Gamertag and which attendees you want to sit near in the notes on your Paypal Payment. We do not have the seating layout set for the new location, yet, but, we will work to placing people based on with whom they are attending, as well as the other attendees with which they wish to spend time.

Basic Achievement Fest pricing is $60 for Thursday – Sunday of gaming, for all seats the following will be provided:
– The Official Achievement Fest 2023 T-Shirt with all attendee Gamertags listed on the back
Shirts can be ordered in Unisex or Lady Cut, sizes S-4XL.
– Lanyard and Achievement Fest Badge
– Square Donuts on Saturday Morning
– Swag
– Ethernet (CAT5) network drop including the cable and plug
– Public IP address for one device
– Wireless access throughout facility for laptops and smartphones
– A minimum of 2 electric plugins
– Chair
– Monitor

STEP 1: Do you need a console provided

Don’t plan on bringing your own console, and want eBash to have one waiting for you for $25? (Xbox One Console)

STEP 2: Select your shirt cut and size

Your registration comes with an included t-shirt, available in unisex or lady cut, sizes S – 4XL.

STEP 3: Would you like to bring your child along?

In 2016, we tested out Achievement Fest, Jr: several of our veteran attendees have children of a similar age, and they tagged along to attend Achievement Fest Junior.  For $30 added to you cost, you child gets their own Achievement Fest 2022 T-Shirt (available in Youth and Adult sizes) as well as access to eBash’s equipment and games, including the Saturday Night eBash Lock-in.

Step 4: Do you want a SECOND super cool yearly Achievement Fest T-Shirt?

For $20, you can order a second Achievement Fest T-Shirt. (The Streak Leader Option!)

eBash Provided Console

Yes, No

T-Shirt Size

Unisex S, Unisex M, Unisex L, Unisex XL, Unisex 2XL, Unisex 3XL, Unisex 4XL, Ladies S, Ladies M, Ladies L, Ladies XL, Ladies 2XL, Ladies 3XL, Ladies 4XL

Achievement Fest Junior Seat

No, Yes with Youth S, Yes with Youth M, Yes with Youth L, Yes with S, Yes with M, Yes with L, Yes with XL

Second T-Shirt

No, Yes Unisex S, Yes Unisex M, Yes Unisex L, Yes Unisex XL, Yes Unisex 2XL, Yes Unisex 3XL, Yes Unisex 4XL, Yes Ladies S, Yes Ladies M, Yes Ladies L, Yes Ladies XL, Yes Ladies 2XL, Yes Ladies 3XL, Yes Ladies 4XL


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