eBash has undergone a complete remodel since last year! We have 3 private rooms available to us, but, we will also be spreading out into the newly remodeled open area, one island at a time. As needs arise, we will add open area islands for registration. This year, the Swag tables, donuts, and foreign consoles will be housed in an open common area at the back of the store (similar to where the swag table was last year, but, it is larger now).

Red Room (Used during AF2015/2014/2013)
Yellow Room (Traditional home of the foreign consoles)
White Room 2.0 (Previously Green and Orange during AF2016)

Available seats can be found below

Achievement Fest 2017 Passes can be found at this link.

Last Updated 2/27/2017


Red Room

6 5 4
LADY DEATH 13 Part 5-day DeadInside247 Part 5-day Elem3ntal80 Part 5-day
3 2 1
MightyMango Part 5-day griffey95 Full 5-day NeoNK1 Full 5-day

Yellow Room

12 11 10
Giant Hunger Part 5-Day pTartTX Part 5-Day Mr pTart Part 5-Day
9 8 7
workedfurball29 Part 3-day Fshguy Full 5-day MixDJ1 Full 5-day

White 2.0 Room

13 21
CKinAL PARTIAL 3-Day LibrarianBeth EMP 3-Day
14 20
Dacoto EMPTY 3-Day futiles EMPTY 5-Day
15 19
Hotdogmcgee PART 5-Day DrMondo7 FULL 5-Day
16 18
Streak Leader EMPTY 5-Day The Dren Full 5-Day
Buckswana FULL 5-Day

Open Area One

27 26 25
Clarissalover EMP 5-Day slippy182 Part 3-Day RedmptionDenied Part 3-Day
24 23 22
MissFourtune Part 3-Day Available Available

Common Space

Foreign Console Foreign Console Foreign Console Foreign Console
EU Console eBash JP Console eBash JP Console Co-Op JP Console Guest
Swag Registration
Pick up Swag and Badges

Achievement Fest Junior

futiles’s son Sir Wolf Tamer
Streak Leader’s son KillerShrikeOne
Hotdogmcgee’s son SpindlyTree86
The Dren’s son TruDood