Achievement Fest Schedule of Activities:

Thursday (July 18, 2019):

08:00 ET – futiles is usually at eBash by this time, once he arrives, 5-day attendees can begin bringing their gear, and setting up their spaces.  Anyone with a partial or full station should already have their TV or TV/Console setup by eBash at their station.

19:00 ET – Real Hacienda Night! Usually all attendees that have arrived in Terre Haute at this point make their way over to the Real Hacienda at 2750 S 3rd St.  We enjoy Mexican Food and rather large fishbowl margaritas.

00:00 ET – eBash closes to the general public, most attendees make their way to whatever sleeping arrangement they have, to rest up for the extended gaming of the weekend.

Friday (July 19, 2019):

12:00 ET – eBash opens to the general public.  However, arrangements are usually made to have futiles or Dustin at the store around 09:00 ET, to allow Achievement Festers to get to gaming early.  This store has an overnight lock-in (unless Achievement Fest sells the store out), so, the store is available all night.

19:00 ET – Real Buffet Challenge! Since its inception, Achievement Fest has hosted the “Real Buffet Challenge” inspired by LausDomini and his 360voice contest, the Buffet Challenge.  All Achievement Festers in attendance that wish to join in the fun make their way to a local Buffet, and eat to their hearts’ content.  While we would love to tell you which buffet we will be using, we have yet to have the same buffet available to us 2 years in a row.  While often in the same physical location, the name, ownership, and management of the establishment has changed every year.

Saturday (July 20, 2019):

08:00 ET – eBash overnight lock-in ends, store clears out lock-in participants, Achievement Festers can stay.

12:00 ET – eBash opens to the public.

00:00 ET – eBash closes to the public, Achievement Festers can stay.

Sunday (July 21, 2019):

12:00 ET – eBash opens to the public

19:00 ET – Buffalo Wild Wings has been a common Sunday night wind down dinner at previous Achievement Fests.

00:00 ET – eBash closes to the public, all official Achievement Fest activities conclude.