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    Michael Oliver

    Hope everyone had fun this year. I did not get to know 2 of our newbies as much as I would have liked, but, the other 4 were welcome additions to the crowd. Hopefully we see them all return.

    Looking into Achievement Fest 2019, I have some thoughts and questions while everyone is still fresh:

    1) If the dates were to be tweaked, how much would you want them tweaked, if any? (Not saying they would change, but, always open to the discussion).

    2) Shirts and Badges – I am not a design person, so, each year, for the last three, is an update on the previous design. If I continue being the one doing the badges and shirts, well, you can expect what future ones will look like. Anyone have any interest in trying their hand at a design, and putting it up for scrutiny? PM me if you are.

    3) Hotels for 2019 – If we get a deal worked out with various hotels to give us blocks with a decent rate, how much would it impact your attendance decision if you must use one of our rooms to attend? I would want to have a couple of price options, so that we had something around $70, $85, and $100. Would a shuttle service be an attractive offset to this requirement?

    4) Guinness World Records – Achievement Fest 2013 is still the GWR holder for most gamerscore by a group, and Mr pTart is still the individual GWR holder. There has been talk about trying again, if we can get things lined up. Would being a part of this be attractive to you?

    5) 100+ seats sold – Not a question… This year, we sold 34 seats (7 AFJr and 27 Adults), if we can sell 100+ seats, we can close eBash for the weekend. Basically, there would be no place for anyone else but us. I am up for this idea, as it adds a lot of freedom to us, but, I will need to promote it elsewhere than just GTN, and others will need to provide word of mouth. Anyone have any thoughts on where to advertise?

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    Michael Oliver

    Sorry for the edits, was trying to figure out a formatting issue.

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    The dates work well for me now. The only other time that would be good would be mid-August, since I could then work it into my regular vacation schedule.
    I usually get my own room anyway, so as long as it’s in that same price range that would be fine. Just want to be sure we have enough rooms at each rate so we don’t have anyone who opts out due to higher pricing than what they could get on their own, or not wanting to spend a higher rate.
    If we did another Guinness attempt I’d be in, but not a big deal if we don’t.

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    The dates work for me aswell (as long as i book them off soon enough)

    I guess im pretty cheap, i rented a room with a family for $42 CDN a night, even at $70 USD would impact me

    Id be down for a GWR attempt

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    Harley Carlson

    I’m going to really try to make it next year. Would love to play some other region games and get some assistance with rhythm games. I don’t mind staying at the hotel where you get a group rate. I probably won’t spend all that much time there anyway. A shuttle would be nice, but I can always get a Lyft if need be.

    What’s included in a Full station? The partial I assume is a monitor?

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    Any set in stone weekend yet? The earlier I know, the better. Also the more time I can talk Dog of Thunder into hitching a ride with us.

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    Phillip Jackson

    Any word on when registration and such is for this year? I’ve been holding off on summer plans to see when and if achievementfest is going to make a return!

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    Michael Oliver

    July 18-22, 2019 is the weekend. Registration should go live this weekend, Monday at the latest.

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    Hey Guys

    on Wed the 17th ill be passing through indy in the evening maybe after 6pm. If anyones flights line up let me know ive got room for 3 ppl

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    Phillip Jackson

    Hey all,
    If anyone needs a ride from Indy airport, I’ll be picking up some strange guy (Paul Granstaff lol) around 4 or 5 pm on Thursday. I should have room for 1 or 2 more! I should be able to provide a ride back on Sunday or early Monday morning (waiting for Paul to get back to me). Just shoot me a message!

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